SWEETY BLUE version 3.0
We are sorry, but the complete HELP pages are still unavailable. We are working on it!

What we tell you now are at least the general principles of this Website. SB v3 is organized in different sections:
1- REGISTRY (FREE) - This part is the heart of the Site. Here you find all information about yorkies, their pedigrees, pictures, show results, championship titles, kennels, breeders, and more. Everybody can read and watch. Registered users can do changes, like adding dogs, pictures, etc. The Registry is a tool that allows Registered Users to add, edit and search a database of dogs and to interact with it. All information and images in the database are added by users. The database aims to make yorkies information in the public domain more accesible to more people and to be a valid tool for breeders worldwide.
2- SHOW REPORTS (FREE) - This part contains single show results and more complete reports from dog shows. Very similar to the previous version of the website.
3- BREEDERS DIRECTORY (FREE) - This is the directory where every Breeder has a personal page where to present himself/herself, the kennel, the dogs. The information are provided directly from Registered Users. In this sense, this is different form the "Kennel" page that you find in the Registry section, which is only containing "public" information, and is part of the Yorkie Registry. The Breeder pages can be "regular" (which is free for all Registered Users) or "Premium". A Premium Breeder has more features in the entire website.
4- NEWS (FREE) - Very similar to the previous version, with the "Top 20" contest, "Baby Yorkies" pages and "Show News".
5- MY SWEETY BLUE (RESERVED) - In order to access this section you must register (create an account). This is the interactive part of SB v3, where you enter your information, some public and some private (a page like "Manage Litters" is intended as a real tool for your record keeping. You can decide if and what to share with the Community). We can't spend enough words to reccomend you to act correctly, to enter true information, to preserve the consistency of the database, to help us to keep everything clean and reliable. If you see wrong information, please, fix them or if not possible, let us know. We will constantly be monitoring Users activity in order to prevent that bad behaviour of a few will compromise the good will of the most.
6- YORKY CLUB (FREE) - Links to the Yorky Club Magazine website. This is the ONLY international magazine about Yorkies, and is our main sponsor.
7- LINKS (FREE) - Links to websites/ blogs/ pages of the Breeders who are registered in the Breeders Directory.
8- ABOUT (FREE) - This section with Help and general information.
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